What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? Why should I care? Who is it for? How do I buy some?

If you have ever heard or thought about the above questions you are not alone. I'm going to take you along a journey of a deep dive into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I'm diving into this information and going to share what I find to others and maybe help explain it in more understandable terms for the un-techie. I'm going to do the hard part and research it from various resources, all you have to do is subscribe for updates and follow along. What I will cover in the following weeks is:

  1. Why should I care? What is it?
  2. How to buy some? How to use it? 
  3. How to use it for your gain (Investments/Trading) ?
  4. Advanced topics Trading/ICO's.

I don't have a set time of all the topics I will be discussing as I will post as I learn it myself. You may have seen me share a couple articles about what bitcoin is and other crypto topics in the past but this will be a more thorough and my own opinion of information collected. You may ask "why do we need another 'What is Bitcoin?' post out there for?". Well, to be honest I just want to share my results and information that I have learned.

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UH OH!!!!! Something went missing!

Well I went to write a new post the other day and realized… that my folder that had all of my wordpress installation was missing. You would think that as a web hosting business owner I would have back ups in place. I do but not set up on my own things. I guess I need to include this site into my daily backup schedule.

So off to a fresh start at the beginning of 2018 here.

At least one thing was a plus, I found my DB backup of all my posts.